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Party of Six Please

I'm Loresha (17)

A food, travel and sports crazed blended family of 6, led by 2 millennials who are shifting the narrative of their own lives, so they can shift the narrative of their legacy.

I’ll be the first one to admit it, hubby and I fail often as parents.


Every day, we’re learning, growing, and applying the lessons that we’ve learned from each child and figuring life out along the way. You already know me so allow me to introduce you to the family that drives this blog. They are where my inspiration, epic fails, and greatest blessings stem from.

My headache, medicine, and doctor all in one. These 13 years haven’t been easy but hubby taught me the true definition of what effort and consistency look like. The epitome of authenticity, patience and accountability.

The oldest (my boys)

“Mr. Transformer”– The name has dual meanings. Not only does he LOVE anything Transformers or Michael Bay, he’s a real life transformer. Diagnosed at 5 with autism, he continues to prove doctors wrong and rewrite the narrative of Asperger’s. After having him at 16, he’s been marinating in my mess the longest. Despite all of his adversity, he’s coming out on the other side. Now a public high school graduate (all regular ed classes) he’s building a life for himself that’s not defined by autism or the baggage I left him carrying. He taught me 

“Mr. Athlete”– My I can play all sports without even practicing, I know way more than you even when you prove me wrong, I’m going to the NFL just watch, bonus son who taught me to overcome my bitterness and become a better woman and mother.

The youngest (my girls)

“Ms. Independent”– My wise beyond her years, I love and trust the Lord but don’t know the power of my own strength oldest daughter. Born 2 months early weighing only 2-lbs this little girl came out strong-willed, persistent and determined. She’s my future doctor (excuse me…pediatric oncologist), singer, cheerleader, and world traveler who holds me accountable and taught me the importance of having a growth mindset.

The baby aka Velcro, Ms. Know it ALL, “The Sports Guru”– THIS CHILD…sigh. Every family has one. She is my God definitely has a sense of humor, give me strength hourly Jesus, if you don’t go somewhere and sit down, I can do ALL things before you even explain them, ball of where did all that energy come from child, who taught me how to laugh at myself and get back up even when I think I’ve failed.


This is us. We’re not perfect, and we definitely don’t fit inside of anybody’s boxes. Stick around and do life with us.

How big is your family? Notice any similarities? Let me know by dropping a comment below!

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